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My personal fee is still $60 per hour (60 minutes). The invoices are sent in the last/first week of each month and they will be due in 5 days. if your payment is received  after the due date, you will have to deposit a $10 late payment fee with your invoice. Refusing to pay the fee will result in 10 minutes less of the lesson (and extra 5 minutes less every week your payment is due).




1.  All the cancellations need to be made in advance (before 24 hours).  If you cancel the same day (or the day before), that will count as a 24h cancellation and you won't get credits for next month. You are entitled to request a make-up lesson if there any availability on the current weekend (or week)

2. If you cancel a class before 24 hours and you can't have a make-up lesson, you will get credit for next month instead of having a refund. This means that the class you missed will be subtracted from your monthly payment ($60 per hour)

3.Cancelled lessons are encouraged to be rescheduled. Make-up lessons are usually on Saturdays and Sundays. You might have a make up during the week if I have a slot available from another cancellation. Make-up lessons on Sundays are online.

4. I might require a mandatory make-up lesson if I personally cancel our appointment. This make-up lesson might be in person or online (depending on the schedule). This will be notified 24h before and it will only happen if I consider it extremely necessary for the student's progress/goals. If I cancel whithim 24h, you will be entitled to credit for your next invoice.


5. Lessons can be canceled by any disruptive or disrespectful behavior shown by the student.  This cancellation will have a refund/credit from your invoice. 



I teach new pieces, exercises, methods and goals every month with my students. However, pieces, lessons and methods have their costs. I provide" Music Insurance" to cover these expenses.

This insurance will cover:

  • Sheet music printed every month,

  • exercises, books (if we are starting a new one)

  • Accessories (when needed): Such as stands, picks, guitar strings, instrument maintenance

The service is optional and is only $10 per month. If you are not interested, you will get the pieces and requirements each month with your invoice.


Giovanni Nava

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