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1. Backing tracks need to be sent at least 4 days before your session. The studio will be prepared for you at the time of your appointment. However, if you show up to your session with the backing tracks, the project preparation will be done during your session's time. You won't get extra minutes. 

2. If have sent your backing tracks and the studio is not set to record when you arrived to your appointment, that time won't be discount from the session. In other words, you will get the time you have requested for your session.

3. Please, be on time for your appointment. If you are late, you won't get extra minutes. 

4 The studio only allows 3 people per session. 

5. You are responsible of bringing your own Flash Drive to the studio to take your tracks (recommended for heavy projects). The studio might send you the tracks through email. 

6. The Studio won't be responsible of your performance of your tracks. Our responsibility is to record and mix your music.  In other words, you are responsible to bring your instrument(s) in shape to record the best tracks possible. 

7.  You are responsible to pay anything you break in the studio. 

8. Your session will be video recorded. This is for security purposes.


1. Mix and Mastering might take several days/weeks. It will depend of the number of projects and sessions scheduled during the week.

2. Your master track will have a limit of 3 Revisions. You may also request the project file


1. Cancelations must be done  2 days before your session. You won't get a refund if you lose your appointment or you cancel 1 day before. 
2. Rescheduling must be done  2 days before your session.
3. Aggressive behavior will cause immediate termination of the service with no refund. You might also be banned from the studio


1. You will be refunded if your project(s) get lost and/or damaged. You can also request a refund if your track was not recorded property

2. You are fully responsible of using 100% from you session's time. If you finish your project before, you won't get a refund of the time you have left. You might use that time to start a new project if you wish. It is recommendable to come prepared for these cases.

3. The studio will not refund for dissatisfaction. The hours worked in a project need to be compensated.

Giovanni Nava

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